Our Story

ROBATA meaning ‘fireside’ specialises in robata grilled charcoal cooking, a Japanese tradition that was first introduced by ancient fishermen who took boxes of hot coals with them on their boats to warm their food as they gathered their day’s catch. While the cooking method has largely stayed the same, the menu is a modern interpretation of some of Japan’s most prized dishes as well as a number of ROBATA signatures.

The concept is straight-forward; the menu is broken down into 5 sections where guests are advised to share a number of dishes between them. Sections include: Raws and Sushi, Small Plates, Bao Buns, Robata Skewers, and Robata Large.

The izakaya-style restaurant is not just a place to satisfy hunger cravings as the bar keeps guests well-oiled with its extensive selection of sake and sake-based cocktails. Alcoholic libations include: Sake Mojito (Sawanotsuru sake, jasmine syrup, lime juice and mint leaves); Ume Ocha (Umeshu plum sake, pineapple juice, peach liqueur and Sakura tea foam); and Umetini (Roku gin, Umeshu plum sake and orange bitters). ROBATA has sourced some of the finest sake, and proudly stocks a selection of old favourites along with new editions.

ROBATA is an independent restaurant where each menu item is created with care, passion and love. Everything about this place is built on Japanese principals; friendly service, fresh food bursting with flavour, natural cooking techniques and food which is enjoyed with all five of the senses.


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