Japanese & Sushi Restaurant In Piccadilly Circus

What does Japanese cuisine look like to you? Is it the mouthwatering flavors? Sushi and sashimi? Or the delicious cuts of beef?

Robata is an Izakaya-style Japanese restaurant that offers a memorable experience, delicious food, and a great place to enjoy while visiting the Piccadilly Circus area.

Robata means fireside in Japanese and is a traditional method of cooking that was originally invented by ancient Japanese fishermen. Today, this style of cooking is known as Japanese charcoal cooking and involves putting meat or fish into a box of hot coals and letting it cook.

Taste the Rich Flavor Profiles for Yourself.

The charcoal cooking process is the perfect way to allow the natural flavors and signature spices we use to seep into the meat, creating a mouthwatering taste that you won’t forget.

And we offer the best sushi in the area.

Try our modern approach to this 8th-century classic. Here at Robata, we work hard to combine traditional Japanese cooking techniques and recipes to create a modern dining experience that pays homage to our ancestors.

Make our Japanese restaurant near Piccadilly your next stop.

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Why Choose Our Japanese Restaurant Near Piccadilly Circus?

Head Chef Charles Lee has worked at Michelin Star restaurants throughout the United Kingdom. His passion and expertise in working with Asian cuisine make for a memorable experience that you’re guaranteed to love.

We take pride in our high standards for preparing your food.

Whether it be the fresh meat, seafood, or our vegetarian dishes, you can count on receiving a high-quality meal that you won’t forget.

Are you looking for a Japanese restaurant near Piccadilly Circus?

Our menu has something for everyone.

We offer plenty of vegetarian, chicken, beef, pork, and seafood dishes.

Your experience matters to us. We aim to provide a memorable experience that’s enriched by our traditional Japanese recipes and cooking techniques. Our customers love the rich flavors they get to experience through our sushi dishes and charcoal cooking style.

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Piccadilly Circus, London, England

And don’t forget to make time to visit Robata. Our sushi restaurant is near Piccadilly Circus and the perfect stop for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Our lunch menu is ideal for speeding things up and helping you spend your day sightseeing.

Looking for something more relaxed? Plan your visit at dinner time and experience everything Head Chef Charles Lee has to offer.

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There’s something for everyone at Robata. Whether you’re a sushi lover or looking for a new traditional Japanese restaurant, we are equipped to provide you with an exceptional culinary experience.

With our convenient location, well-trained staff, high-quality ingredients, and an environment crafted to make your experience perfect, Robata is the best Japanese restaurant in Piccadilly for you.

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